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Thursday, 8 March 2007
Learn to Speak Spanish More Quickly and Easily

As you set out to learn to speak Spanish, it will be much easier if you practice speaking and listening to Spanish every chance you get. Here are a few suggestions of how you can learn to speak Spanish more quickly and easily:

You can practice your Spanish vocabulary phrases outload to yourself anytime you have a moment or two to study.

When you first start to learn to speak Spanish, it is best to break up your learning sessions into small segments of time that you do more often. In other words, it's better to study 15 minutes a couple of times a day instead of 2 hours once a week. You will absorb and retain the information better and learn to speak Spanish more quickly.

Another thing you can do that will help you learn to speak Spanish more easily is to schedule your formal study sessions at the same time each day. In a very short time, your study time to learn to speak Spanish will be almost automatic as it becomes a routine part of your day.

Another way to speed up your learning curve as you learn to speak Spanish is to push yourself past your comfort zone as you practice putting together sentences. This technique is a great assist to help you learn to speak Spanish more quickly. Push yourself every day and all of a sudden, one day you will have a great breakthrough a take a giant step in your progress to learn to speak Spanish.

When you are pushing yourself to learn to speak Spanish, remember you will make mistakes. Don't fret about it. Even native speakers of Spanish make mistakes and don't give it a moment's thought. Neither should you. Mistakes will happen as you learn to speak Spanish.

As you learn to speak Spanish, immerse yourself in the language. Find some Spanish newspapers and books to read. Watch some Spanish television. This will increase your Spanish vocabulary exponentially.

CD's and Internet podcasts in Spanish are another medium that will help you learn to speak Spanish. The point is to hear and read Spanish as often as you can.

There are some excellent courses that will expedite the time it will take you to learn to speak Spanish. The links at the end of my article with take you the one I like the best. Just think, within 12 weeks you could be fluent in Spanish. Get started today!

Riley Wells is a writer who reviews various products including Spanish learning courses. You can find the course Riley recommends as the best one on the market at Sign up for a free 6-day ecourse on learning Spanish here.

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Rocket Spanish Site 

Posted by rocketspanishfans at 7:22 AM EST

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